2000 Questions to pick your brain!

Download one of the best casual games today, and experience hours of enjoyment.

With over 2000 questions in 4 categories, Brain Memory is one of the premier word puzzle games in the app store!

The premise is simple; you are shown one image, memorize everything you can about the image. Then answer a question about the image on the next screen. How good is your memory?!

Still too easy? Try Challenge mode, where you are only given a short amount of time to memorize the image!

Here are some of the highlights of the game:

* 4 Categories: Food, Home, Nature, Transportation!

* Immense Question Library – With over 2000 Questions to answer, split up into 4 different levels (with an amazing 500 questions per level!), Brain Memory has enough content to last even the most determined puzzle solver for a while.

* Coin system – If you get stuck, have no fear; simply spend the coins you’ve earned for making correct answers and you’ll be back on track in no time.

* Stat Tracking – Detailed stat tracking is of course available! See how you fare in each category, how many games you played, total points, etc, etc, etc!

So if you like puzzles, quizzes, or just a simple game to relax to, Brain Memory is for you!