• Halloween Hidden Objects

    Halloween Hidden Objects

    Spooky Halloween Scenes with 600 Hidden Objects to Find! It’s that time of year of again! Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to get into the […]

  • Halloween Match

    Halloween Match

    Halloween Match 3 Game! Line up 3 halloween objects or more to acquire them. You will need to get a certain number of each type of object as indicated in […]

  • 100 Doors – Solutions

    100 Doors – Solutions

    This is the 100 Doors Guide! Are you stuck on a certain level?! Here are all 100 solutions to our 100 Doors game! This is the solutions app to our […]

  • 100 Doors

    100 Doors

    The Ultimate Puzzle Game is Finally Here! 100 Puzzles to pick your brain! 2 Game Modes: * Classic – Take your time to progress and beat each level * Challenge […]

  • Robot Puzzle for Toddlers (Kindle Tablet Edition)

    Robot Puzzle for Toddlers (Kindle Tablet Edition)

    Does your child like robots or puzzles? Looking for something entertaining but also educational for your kid? Then Robot Puzzle is the perfect app for you. This puzzle app is […]

  • Animal Ball

    Animal Ball

    Animal Ball is a challenging game where you help Baja and friends transverse through many worlds filled with obstacles such as bouncy springs, gliding platforms, and rotating wheels. Tilt your […]

  • Animal Farm

    Animal Farm

    A hidden objects game for kids! Over 700 hidden objects to find! The game features 3 play modes for each level. Find objects by their pictures is the easiest mode […]

  • Fortune Cookie

    Fortune Cookie

    The Fortune Cookie app is the simplest and cleanest program displaying random fortunes. It has hundreds of fortunes, quotes and wise Chinese sayings. Share the wisdom of Chinese fortune cookies […]

  • Cracked Screen

    Cracked Screen

    Trick your friends into thinking that your device has a cracked screen or setup a timer trigger to make them think they did it! Choose the type of cracked screen […]