Lets go duck hunting!

Relive all of the fun and challenge of your Nintendo days with Duck Hunt app. See if you can shoot the ducks as they fly out of the bushes and head for the sky. Stead your aim and dont miss too much because they will attack back!

Remember playing Duck Hunt on your Nintendo? Youd wait for a duck to start taking flight out of the bushes, point your gun at the screen and squeeze the trigger. A fast shot and steady hand was required to make a kill.

Well now your accuracy and speed is more important than ever! In Duck Hunt, the ducks can attack back, so be sure to get them before they get you! Dont worry, when things get heated, throw the bomb and kill all the ducks on the screen. Theyll be sorry they messed with you.

Duck Hunt app has cool graphics and more detailed backgrounds than the original game. The classic play concept is the same but with many new features. You start out at Swamp Lands all by yourself. SHOOT AS MANY DUCKS AS YOU CAN! If your marksmanship is good enough to get you to level 10, you will earn the Vulture rank and be able to move on to the next hunt area. But wait! Dont you want to be the ultimate sharpshooter?! Aim for level 25, the Eagle rank!

In Duck Hunt, you get:
* 5 beautifully rendered areas to go hunt
* Many annoying ducks to shoot
* A special attack each level
* Hunter Rankings: Bird, Owl, Vulture, Hawk, Falcon, Eagle
* Full-color visuals and awesome sounds
* Gives you a nice feeling of nostalgia
* Fun for everybody to play