he classic Logo Quiz game has just gotten better!

Given the brand names, how many logos can you find?
Given the logos, how many brand names can you find?

With over 450 Logos in 6 different categories (All, Automotive, Fashion, Food, Technology, Heros and Villains), Find it – Logo Quiz is the ULTIMATE LOGO QUIZ GAME. Try your best to guess correctly as many brand names as you can. As you learn to recognize more and more logos, try to improve your on your top score!

Logo Categories:
* All
* Automotive
* Fashion
* Food
* Technology
* Heros and Villains
* More to come! Comment and tell us what category you would like us to add!

Game Types:
* Classic – With a fixed time limit, you must find as many correct logos as you can. If you pick the wrong logo, you lose time!
* Challenge – How long can you last?! Given only 30 seconds at the start, you must continuously find correct logos to gain additional time!
* Endless – An easy, relaxed game mode where you pick as many correct logos as you can. A good practice mode before trying the Classic and Challenge modes.

Play Modes:
* Word Mode: Given the brand name, find its logo!
* Picture Mode: Given the logo, find its brand name!

* No need to type!
* Over 450 logos with more to come!
* 3 Game Types: Classic, Challenge, and Endless!
* 2 Play Modes: Word, Picture!
* 6 Logo Categories: All, Automotive, Fashion, Food, Technology, Heros and Villains with more on the way!
* Track your game stats!
* Reveal the full logo once if guessed correctly!
* Hint button to help if you get stuck!
* Different interface designs for each category!
* Many hours of fun gameplay!
* More coming soon!