Play one of the most engagingly written and beautifully drawn Hidden Object games of the year!

Ride along on a wild, steampunk adventure through the mists of time as our hero seeks his lady fair.

Follow him through each and every twist and turn, and help him avoid a fate worse than death by helping him find all of the objects he accidentally dropped while traveling through time itself.

Each and every panel of this exciting tale has been elegantly drawn by hand, and the story is both engrossing and captivating. Other games in the genre simply can’t compare with Tales from the Past, either in terms of visuals or storyline.

Tales from the Past features 3 different game modes:
* Picture – Try to find all the objects pictured at the bottom of each scene by tapping them with your finger.
* Silhouette – Finding the objects becomes substantially more difficult when you are only presented with the silhouette.
* Word Only – For true hidden object champions, try locating all of our deviously hidden objects, with only the name of each to guide you no pictures at all!

With over 600 individual objects to find, Tales from the Past provides an incredible amount of replay value as well.

So download Tales from the Past today, and experience the superb artwork, thrilling story and great gameplay!