The classic match 3 game has just gotten better!

Line up 3 jewels or more to acquire them. You will need to get a certain number of each type of jewel as indicated in the goals before you can proceed to the next level. Getting 9 or more jewels in one pass will yield a power. Each power is more effective in certain situations. As the difficulty increases with each level, you need to use your wits and power ups to help you.

Game Modes:
* Classic – progress through levels without a time limit
* Time Attack – same as classic mode but with a time restriction
* Endless – an easy, relaxed game mode where you collect as many jewels as you can

* Aphrodite’s Kiss – removes 1 jewel
* Rage of Ares – removes 9 jewels in a 3×3 area
* Hermes’ Message – switches the location of any two jewels
* Arrow of Apollo – removes 1 row of jewels
* Wrath of Zeus – removes 1 column of jewels
* Rise of Poseidon – reverses the location of the jewels vertically
* Craft of Hephaestus – changes all jewels of one type into another
* Kronos’ Halt – pauses time for 30 seconds

* Citrine (Orange)
* Sapphire (Blue)
* Emerald (Green)
* Ruby (Red)
* Topaz (Yellow)
* Diamond (White)
* Amethyst (Purple)
* Aquamarine (Light Blue)

* 3 modes of gameplay: Classic, Timed Attack, and Endless
* Lots of cool power ups to help you get to the next level!
* Track your game stats!
* Graphics and theme are based on Greek Mythology!
* Beautiful interface design!
* Soothing background music and sound effects!
* Sound Options!
* No wifi required for gameplay!
* Instructions available to help get you started!
* Saves your progress!
* Fun for all your friends and family to enjoy!
* More coming soon!