Do you have the dexterity to sneak the fabled Jewel Totem out from the fiendishly clever traps designed to stop you?

Carefully remove blocks in an attempt to slip the Jewel Totem underneath the magical protections which bind it to the temple.

But be careful! If you crush the wrong block, you will unbalance the whole pile upon which the Totem rests! If this happens, the Totem will be thrown to the side, never to be seen again.

Jewel Totem features three different exciting modes of play:

* Classic Mode In Classic, you play without a timer, and the goal is simply to solve each puzzle.

* Time Attack The goal is the same as Classic; you want to solve the puzzle completely. However, you only have a limited amount of time in which to make your moves.

* Challenge Mode Challenge Mode incorporates the timer along with a special challenge marker; you need to get the Jewel Totem completely underneath this extra line to pass each level.

All three exciting modes have 25 different levels, and more will be coming soon!

Jewel Totem also features a robust stat tracking system, ensuring that you can see exactly how you have performed on each level in each separate mode.

So if you like simple tap based gameplay with a strategic twist, check out Jewel Totem today!