When they won’t tell you, Lie Detector will!

Lie Detector allows you to control the true/false outcome!

3 Ways to control the outcome:
* Volume keys: Press the volume up key for true or volume down key for false!
* Tilt device: Tilt device slightly to the right for true or left for false!
* Touch: Touch the right side of the screen for true or left side for false!
* You can also set by default the outcome to be true, false, or random!

How to prank your friends:
1) Ask your victim to say some simple truths/lies to build their trust. Make sure you pick the correct answer to what they say, else they won’t believe it!
Example: Let’s say your victim’s name is John.
Victim: “My name is John” -> you make sure lie detector shows true.
2) Now that they think lie detector works, you can ask them anything!

* 3 Super secret ways to control the outcome!
* Sweet animating effect when analyzing!
* Awesome HD graphics!
* Extremely funny and fun!

Note: We are not responsible for how you use this app. This is a prank app and not to be used in real CIA or FBI situations. Thank you.