Infinite Mazes to play!

A puzzle game that generates a new maze each time. You will never play the same maze twice!
In addition, Maze! Gives you a choice of two types of controls. You can tilt the device or finger swipe the screen to move the ball! Classic mode is nice and easy, with no timer. Just enjoy solving the maze at your own pace. In challenge mode, get yourself ready because you will need to get the ball to the goal before time runs out! Finally, there are many nice background images for you to choose from. Pick one that is to your liking!

* Tilt – Tilt device to move the ball!
* Swipe – Swipe the screen to move the ball!

Game Modes:
* Classic Mode – Nice and casual, no timer!
* Challenge Mode – Can you get to the exit before time runs out?!

* Two types of controls: Tilt and Swipe!
* 5 different maze sizes/difficulties to choose from: XS, S, M, L, XL!
* Maze Generator – A different maze each time!
* Many different backgrounds to choose from!
* Many different sized mazes to choose from!
* Amazing Graphics!