“The Best Sound Board on Kindle Fire”

Reached Top Paid App #30 on Amazon Appstore

Lots of great fun sounds for your Kindle Fire! Sound Board has a total of 100 sounds with more on the way! Play multiple sounds at the same time! Easily swipe between pages to access your sounds! Need to break the tension? Hit the Fart button! Want to scare your little niece? Hit the Barking button! Want to have a Lightsaber duel? Hit the lightsaber button! You’ll have tons of fun using Sound Board with friends and family all day long!

* 120 sounds total with more to come!
* Big Random Button on the last page that plays a randomly chosen sound!
* Play multiple sounds at the same time!
* Save your favorite sounds onto a separate page!
* Easy swipe to different pages!
* Stop all sounds easily by pressing “QUIET!”
* Arrange the sounds alphabetically or by genre!
* Genres:
General sound effects
Home related sound effects
Human sounds effects
Animals sounds effects
Weapons/Hurt sounds effects
Automotive sounds effects
* Cool animation of buttons during arranging!
* Volume Control!
* Colorful buttons!
* Beautiful interface design!
* Fun for all your friends and family to enjoy!
* More sounds to come in the future!