**** Experience exhilarating, pulse-pounding gameplay as you steal treasure and deftly avoid deadly traps in Temple Escape! ****

Deep inside the great pyramids of Egypt, treasure awaits. Gold enough to satisfy a king, wealth enough to last a lifetime, and jewels the size of a mans fist.

All are there for the taking-if you can bring them back out alive!

What they don’t tell you at the bazaar in Cairo is that the pyramids have at least as many traps inside them as treasures.

You found this out the hard way, having snatched a few gems the size of hens eggs, which then triggered a diabolical trap.

Now, in every corridor you enter, the roof begins crashing to the floor, threatening to crush you to death.

Looking upward, you see that there is only one tiny area where you will be able to avoid certain death once the roof hits ground but can you make it there in time?

Temple Escape is a simple game, designed to entertain with only a few swipes of your finger. Follow the adventure of our eponymous treasure hunter as he traverses the insides of the great pyramids in search of treasure. Temple Escape features:
* Infinite Number of Procedurally Generated Levels The fun never stops with Temple Escape. No matter how skilled you are, the pyramid always wins, because the pyramid never ends! No two play-throughs are ever the same.
* Gradual Difficulty Curve Heightens Tension The room configurations get slightly more complicated over time and the roof falls just a little bit faster each level. The gradual slope of the difficulty curve ensures that gamers of all skill levels can enjoy Temple Escape.
* Entertaining and Engaging Gameplay Running through the pyramids with your stash of loot has never been easier. Temple Escape features an incredibly simple swipe interface that will have you dodging traps like a pro within just a few levels of play.
* Built-in Ranking System Temple Escape keeps track of how far into the pyramid you’ve gotten on all your treasure hunts, and assigns you a rank based on how many floors you were able to clear. Challenge yourself and see if you can Raise the Roof by passing at least twenty diabolical levels.

**** So download Temple Escape, and see if you can outwit the engineers and trap-builders of Ancient Egypt; will you escape with the jewels, or will the pyramid be your final resting place as well? ****