Tug of WAR!
Looking for a fun fast paced game? Well then Tug of War is just for you!

Tug of War is a one or two player pattern match game. How does it work? A sequence of button pushes is played and you must push the buttons in the same order as fast as possible. This game is about speed and accuracy. If you get the pattern right, the rope is pulled closer to your side. If not, you lose the chance to pull the rope on that turn. It may sound easy but when your opponent is right across from you and time is running out, the game gets increasingly intense!

Whether with a friend or versus the computer, Tug of War is fun for all to play and enjoy! Try it now!

1. A sequence of button pushes is played.
2. Repeat the sequence of button pushes correctly as fast as you can.
3. Each time you get the pattern right, you pull the rope closer to your side. If you get the pattern wrong, the rope does not get pulled.
4. Once your marker reaches the middle, you win!
5. If the time runs out and you have pulled more of the rope to your side, you win!

* 1 Player Mode: Go against the computer and see how far you can go!
* 2 Player Mode: Go head to head with your friend!
* Unlimited number of levels for 1 player mode
* Levels get increasingly hard
* Timer
* Cool Sound Effects
* Fun graphics

* More updates coming soon!