The Ugly Test Fingerprint Scanner is a great way to break the ice with people pretty much anywhere you can think of. You can use it to great effect at:

* – Parties Its a fantastic tool for making a whole group of people laugh. Everyone can get their rating, and joke with each other about their ratings.

* – People If youre looking for a unique way to break the ice with a stranger, consider giving this app a try. More often than not, youll get a smile and a Sure, from whoever you ask to try it out.

* – With Friends The Ugly Test is a great joke to play on your friends and family (at least those with a sense of humor!) See how its innovative design mimics a fingerprint scanner, complete with a cool scanning animation right out of a James Bond film, and the hilarity of the ratings it bestows will have everyone around laughing in no time.

We decided to flip the script a little bit on the traditional Hot or Not meters, and instead measure the Ugliness of people instead. So ironically, being rated a 1/10 by our scanner is a good thing (and guaranteed to turn more than a few heads as people catch the trick!)

Best of all, the application has built in social media functionality, so you can share the results of your scans with your friends directly from the application itself.

Check out this innovative little gem of an application today!