12 in 1!

The Ultimate Finger Scanner is one of the Androids most entertaining party and prank applications. It features over 12 different Scanners, ranging from the Boy/Girl scanner to the Hot/Not scanner, to the Career Scanner, and more. Our full list of Scanners includes:

1) Mood Scanner – Are you feeling blue, or are you hot to trot? Using our mood scanner can help you find out.

2) Lie Detector Scanner – Have someone make a statement and then scan their fingerprint and our app will discover if they are being truthful or not.

3) Fortune Scanner – Much faster than fortune cookies (but less delicious unfortunately) is our Fortune scanner. See what the future holds for you!

4) Criminal Scanner – Is the person youre speaking with an international fugitive? Perhaps the CIA is hot on their trail? Find out with the Criminal Scanner.

5) Career Scanner – Discern what the future holds in terms of future finance with our fabulous Career Scanner. Pauper or Prince, only the Scanner knows!

6) Security Lock Scanner – Does the fingerprint of your co-conspirator have access to secret data caches? Are they able to bypass top-notch security? Give it a try with the Security Lock Scanner.

7) Death Scanner – If youre brave enough to handle it, try our Death Scanner. You may be killed by a vicious pack of killer rabbits next week, or you may live to a ripe old age.

8) Boy or Girl Scanner – Hijinks abound when you consider the random nature of the responses the Scanner will deliver on this topic. Outrage sold separately.

9) Ugly or Hot Scanner – Imagine the interest people will have in an application that can deduce whether they are hot or not just from a fingerprint. And imagine the hilarity of the answers!

10) IQ Scanner – Einstein or Elmer Fudd? Let our IQ scanner decide for you, and measure the wits of any brave enough to place their finger upon it.

11) Personality Scanner – Gentle giant or malevolent marauder? Our personality scanner can spill the beans on what lurks in your heart.

12) Love Scanner – Will you experience the swooning heights of love, or the depths of forlorn loneliness? Our Love scanner can illuminate your future.

Each time someone places their finger on the app to be scanned, a cool scanning animation plays on your device screen (although we dont actually record any fingerprints, of course,) and an entertaining and amusing random message comes out pertinent to the specific scanner youre running at the time.