Puzzles for You!

Wallpaper Puzzles offers you an amazing 5 different game types in one, allowing you to play the same image in 5 completely different way!
In addition, there are 3 category of Breath-Taking Images to choose from. There are images of beautiful animals, historical sites and travels.
But wait, there’s more! Wanting to see how you are progressing in the game? There are many stats that are tracked so try to beat your best score and time!

5 Play Modes:
1) Rotate Puzzle – Rotate each piece to complete the picture
2) Turn Puzzle – Turn the 4 pieces to complete the picture
3) Slide Puzzle – Slide the pieces to complete the picture
4) Glide Up Down Puzzle – Glide the rows and columns to complete the picture
5) Switch Puzzle – Switch the rows and columns to complete the picture

3 Image Categories:
1) Animals
2) History
3) Travels

2 Game Modes:
1) Zen
2) Challenge

* 5 Different Types of Puzzles
* 3 Image Categories
* 2 Game Modes
* Breath-Taking Images
* Soothing Background Music
* Stats Tracking
* Fun for the entire family