X-Ray Scanner simulates real x-ray scans to prank your friends!

Note there is no risk of radiation because this app is not a real x-ray scanner.

Prank your friends with the X-Ray Scanner app. Trick them into thinking you are taking x-rays of them. You are the only person who knows that the app doesn’t really emit x-rays or take pictures.

X-Ray Scanner has many different images to fool your friends with! There are 3 categories of images: Individual parts: skull, hands, feet, etc.
Half parts: chest, lower body, etc.
Full parts: full body skeleton

1) Select the x-ray image you want to use.
2) Point the device at the corresponding body part
3) Click Scan for the x-ray image to appear!

* HD Quality Scans
* Many X-Ray Image Scans to choose from
* Fun to prank your friends with
* No risk of radiation